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Here's What Pure&Clean Wound Solutions can do for your healthcare system

Using Pure&Clean in surgical irrigation, post-surgery dressing, and in all CAUTI and CLABSI prevention protocols can help reduce HAIs in every system.

Pure&Clean helps heal wounds faster. Pure&Clean is non-cytotoxic and non-sensitizing, resulting in better patient compliance using a product that also helps promote wound healing.

Pure&Clean measures up favorably against other expensive antimicrobial dressings, including silver, honey, and alginate products. Pure&Clean also reduces Santyl usage.

Pure&Clean replaces multiple SKUs, reducing waste and helping both buyers and clinicians have clearer direction so they can focus on bigger organizational goals.

Reducing HAIs and improving patient outcomes ensures systems keep their ratings high, are the preferred choice for elective surgeries, and always maximize CMS reimbursements.

Now more than ever, healthcare systems need effective, innovative products that positively impact the bottom line.  Pure&Clean provides an immediate impact through proven wound solutions that help heal wounds faster.  Using patented and proprietary processes, Pure&Clean is able to produce the safest and most stable HOCl products to help prevent and help manage HAIs. Third party tests on Pure&Clean have shown efficacy against the most resistant microorganisms available to test, including C.Diff spores.
Using the same chemical that is naturally produced by our white blood cells to fight infection, Pure&Clean is non-cytotoxic and non-sensitizing.  Pure&Clean has a neutral pH, showing zero irritancy in ISO ocular testing.  Pure&Clean is safe to use around the eyes, nose and mouth.

The Pure&Clean Guarantee

We promise to have positive clinical and financial impacts on your health system.  Take us up on our guarantee and we’ll prove our value.
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