About Pure&Clean

Our Mission

Established in 2015, Pure&Clean offers safe and effective solutions for a wide variety of applications and industries. The products range from FDA-cleared Wound Solutions and products for use on the skin to Surface Cleansers and EPA registered, “N” listed Disinfectant/Sanitizer.

Pure&Clean has stayed true to its mission: helping people to live healthier lives in an increasingly contaminated world by bringing an innovative product to every bottle made. This is accomplished by providing a proprietary product that is not only highly effective against the pathogens that threaten us but is also completely non-toxic to all mammals.

Helping the healthcare industry provide better patient outcomes and create a sustainable financial roadmap is the precise reason Pure&Clean exists. The results that physicians, nurses and patients have seen on wounds have been astonishing! Pure&Clean Wound Solution have been shown to reduce Surgical Site Infections (SSI) and help people with diabetic and chronic wounds heal.

Pure&Clean is passionate about replacing toxic chemicals with a safe, more effective alternative.