How Pure&Clean fits into caring for Burns

Taking care of patients in a burn center is a tough and unique situation. The top concern for a burn patient is bacterial infection. Pure&Clean® Wound Solutions and Antimicrobial Hydrogel™ solve this major problem. Throughout healthcare, there is also a big push to move away from antibiotics and medications when possible. Pure&Clean usage leads to a decreased use of antibiotics, improving hospital ratings and patient care. 

What makes Pure&Clean great for BURNs

Pure&Clean® products are non-irritating, non-toxic and pain-free, which is highly important for burn patients. Pure&Clean improves patient outcomes while improving antibiotic stewardship. Pure&Clean® products do not harm or reduce migration of the body’s natural micro-environment and allow for increased heal rates.

Common uses for Pure&Clean with Burns

Cleansing and irrigating the burn site with Pure&Clean promotes healing and increases infection prevention. Pure&Clean Antimicrobial Hydrogel™ is great for dressing wounds/burns, reducing biofilm and increasing migration of the micro-environment and improves overall skin health. 

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