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How Pure&Clean fits into Home Health

Home Health, just like all other areas of Healthcare, is changing how you get paid and what criteria looks like from CMS. Pure&Clean offers a solution that will deliver the best results even when reimbursement changes. Healing patients and making sure that they are comfortable, safe and reducing pain will always be important to HH. P&C hits all these are on a high level and as CMS continues to look at patient outcomes P&C will be vital to maximizing your patient satisfaction and revenue. 

What makes Pure&Clean great for Home Health

What makes P&C great for Home Health: With Pure&Clean being such a safe and easy to use you can leave it at the patients home with no concern for them over using it or harming themselves with it. Also the same goes for any other friends or family members that are at the home, including children. Tons of patients use P&C on their own and we have see some amazing results without even going into a wound clinic.

Common uses for Pure&Clean in Home Health

Wound Cleansing, spraying cuts, scrapes, burns and rashes. Healing skin tears and reducing infections in a wound. P&C Hydrogel is great for dressing wounds, reducing biofilm and improving atopic dermatitis. 

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