How Pure&Clean fits into Dermatology

It’s a common myth that wounds heal faster when left uncovered and exposed to the air. Studies have actually shown, however, that blood vessels regenerate more rapidly and inflammation is decreased when wounds are kept moist and covered. Many clinicians are looking for alternatives to antibiotic treatments. Pure&Clean Antimicrobial Hydrogel is antibotic free and stays moist longer than liquid cleansers.

What makes Pure&Clean great for Dermatology

Pure&Clean Hydrogel is an all natural, easy to apply spray solution that prevents infection and promotes healing by keeping the wound moist. It contains no antibotics, steroids or alcohol unlike many other wound care products and is safe to use even around the eyes. It provides an important alternative to the harsh treatments currently being used.

Common uses for Pure&Clean in Dermatology

Some common uses for Pure&Clean would be:
Atopic dermatitis
Diaper rash
Skin biopsy
Shave removal

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